Pigeon Handy Chopper Pro XL (900 ML) for Chopping, Mincing and Whisking with 5 Stainless Steel Blades and 1 Plastic Whisker (14517)

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  • Pigeon Handy Chopper Pro Extra Large- This speedy manual chopper will help you cut vegetables, fruits and nuts. Makes smart work of tough cutting tasks and hassle free experience which saves up to 50% of your time. As it comes with the whisker which works as egg beater and lassie maker.
  • Strong & Safe – The material of the chopper is nontoxic plastic. The sharp stainless steel blades are fast to chop and mince. The bowl is BPA free and safe for containing food. No electricity required.
  • Easy to clean: The bowl and the blades can be separated so the chopper can be convenient to be washed. Cleaning is an easy task using mild detergent as chopper diswasher safe.
  • Space Saving & Portable – Pigeon Handy Chopper Pro we can store very easily in our kitchen. This manual food chopper has advantage of simple structure, compact value, and convenience. 900 ml capacity is suitable for large quantity usage. Which can be used to chop vegetables for making parathas, sabzi etc.,,
  • Design: Pigeon Handy Chopper Pro comes with a unique design. Its handle and lid are specially designed which resembles I Phone Pro and it is very easy and convenient to use. Safety Features – Safety Locking System
  • Color: Multi Color, Material: Plastic
  • Package Contents: 1- Pigeon Pro XL Chopper, 1- Whisker
  • Warranty: 6 months on manufacturing defects

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13 reviews for Pigeon Handy Chopper Pro XL (900 ML) for Chopping, Mincing and Whisking with 5 Stainless Steel Blades and 1 Plastic Whisker (14517)

  1. k rai

    Good Product with Best Quality
    As per price product is good.

  2. k rai

    I think this is a nice product, a good concept. At first, I doubt it because of a wobbly spinning centerpiece with blades attached. after first use and several tests pulls. the product does its function very well. although there is room for more improvements. I expect the spin to be steady and smooth. and I saw, sometimes wobbly spinning centerpiece making scatches inside the bowl with its blade.

    The Pros for me are :
    1. How quick it can chop vegetables (5 or more pull can give you fine chops)
    2. Blades are very strong and sharp ( one must be careful handling blades, I accidentally got cuts on my first use. it’s safe to keep blades inside the bowl. and away from kids.)
    3. easy to clean. (liquid detergent, water, and the sponge do the job. blade attachment, you can rinse under the tap.)
    4. it comes with a Whisker spinner. so one can also whisk other things. (I whisked eggs for my omelet.)

    The Cons are:
    1. The bowl has an uneven surface inside. and every time some small pieces will stuck there in corners.
    2. I felt the need for a small silicon spatula to pull the food out of the bowl.
    3. the blow is prone to get scratches on the inside because of the unstable centerpiece with its blades.
    4. the bowl material seems not very strong. one fall on a hard surface will break it or at least will get a huge crack.

  3. Muralidhar

    Using from 2 months, very helpful

  4. karthikeyan

    I didn’t believe, tried different devices, they were stupid. This one is working. And very satisfied

  5. Sidharth

    Best chopper in this price range.
    Writing Review after year of usage, it comes handy when theres no electricity or the mixer breaks down.
    Chops onions decently and can be used for green leafy veggies (without the stalk)
    P.s. Blades are sharp as hell so keep away from kids and take caution while cleaning.

  6. manish thakur

    Nice 👍 product

  7. Ravinder Bisht

    It has a short string that can be pulled to activate the rotation of the blades and this works by spring action.
    The blade is removable and washable without hurting oneself.
    The blade needs to be positioned carefully so that it is fixed in the central axis for the rotational cutting.
    Hence vegetables need to be partially cut before putting them here according to the size of the choose you have bought.
    Only soft and semisoft vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, chillies, onions, coriander etc can be chopped using this chopper because the blade movement is based on a spring in the lid. Don’t expect to chop hard vegetables such as Carrots.
    Final product can be as small as one wants. The result of the chopping is visible through transparent plastic. The quality of plastic is food grade and it is sturdy and worth the price. Amongst different types of vegetable choppers- I consider this one to be the best.

  8. vk

    I have been using the product for more than a year now. The first time I got the product, it was in used condition so I ordered a replacement and that worked fine with almost everyday use for almost 14 months., After which the spring adhesion was lost and product.

  9. Elena100

    I research products and read reviews before I buy. This chopper received rave reviews. I tried to use this product today. First of all the handle fell apart after 2 pulls. Also, I put 1/2 onion in the base and the blades wouldn’t even turn. Very disappointed. Sending it back tomorrow.

  10. Dhiman S.

    A cheap solution to finely chop onions, tomatoes, etc with minimum effort

  11. Nagaraj

    Easy cutting but difficult to clean

  12. Scott Mc Canles

    Broken after 2 use… Customer service doesn’t work it’s not worth $20.

  13. Me9

    I use this to chop chicken for my dogs. Had one for about 7 years that never gave me a problem. I only paid 4.00 for it. Wish I could find it again! This one is very cheap!!!

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