Pigeon Basic Induction Cooktop 1200 W, Auto-Shut off, Soft Push Button with 7 Segments LED Display for Power and Temperature – Black

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  • Pigeon Basic Induction Cooktop Comes with 7 segments LED display for power and temperature. This Induction Stove comes with high-grade electrical that protects against short circuits. It’s superior top plate can with-stand very high temperature, making it very durable
  • Smart timer for hands free cooking , Cord length : 1.3 meter. Worktop Material:Carbon Steel, Preset timer – Auto Switch off , Soft Push Button, Temperature Control: Manual
  • Induction Stove comes with 93-percent energy saving technology
  • Safety Standards: Basic Induction Stove will start working only when the Induction base Cookware is kept on the top.
  • Included: 1 – Pigeon Basic Induction Stove and User Manual. Power Input: 220 V Power Consumption: 1800 Watt

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8 reviews for Pigeon Basic Induction Cooktop 1200 W, Auto-Shut off, Soft Push Button with 7 Segments LED Display for Power and Temperature – Black

  1. Tamim Molla

    Very beautiful

  2. Srikant chandran

    I have been using similar gadgets for last 4 years. but i liked it very much I have also used other brands But at this price it is good

  3. M.S. Gopalakrishnan

    It is a no-frills induction stove with a relatively low power; that is all you need. I specifically wanted a low-power one because people tend to leave it unattended, and I have seen more powerful ones boil the milk over, spilling everything! So, this strategy actually works, and I recommend buying the lowest cost and lowest power because the induction method is so much more efficient. And you can buy a new one when it dies prematurely, as it often happens even with costlier ones, primarily due to fluid ingress. I am searching for a service center in Pondicherry to try re-animating it and avoid e-waste. If I find a service center and manage to repair it, I will update the review and the star ratings. I emailed Pigeon.

  4. anil kumar pandey


  5. Tamim Molla

    The media could not be loaded.

     நான் அமேசானில் pigeon தயாரிப்பில் இன்டெக்ஷன் ஸ்டவ் 23.07.2023 அன்று ஆர்டர் செய்திருந்தேன்.26.07.2023 அன்று பார்ஸல் வந்தது. என் தங்கைக்காக வாங்கியது. நேற்றுதான்( 08.08.2023)பார்சலை பிரித்தோம். ஸ்டவின் மேல் பகுதி விரிசலடைந்து காணப்பட்டது. அதன் படத்தையும் வீடியோவையும் இணைத்துள்ளேன். எனக்கு இதற்க்கு மாற்றாக வேறு நல்ல பொருளை அனுப்புமாறு கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறேன்.என்னுடைய புகாருக்கு எந்த வித பதிலுமில்லை. இப்படி இருந்தால் எப்படி இனிமேல் அமேசானில் பொருட்கள் வாங்குவது


    Its good to make tea or coffee
    Boil eggs and breakfast stuff
    The buttons quality could be better.

  7. Hardik p.

    Worth for money to buy for bachalor.


    The media could not be loaded.

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