Pigeon by Stovekraft Wonder cast Aluminium Flat Tawa (Black, 27cm)

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  • Material: Aluminium ; Size: Flat Tawa (27cm); Base type: Non Induction Base; Base thickness: 3 mm ; Included components: 1 Flat Tawa; Colour: Black
  • Warranty: 1 Year; Included in warranty: Manufacturing Defect; Not included in warranty: Damages due to usage of the product
  • For any issues, please contact_us on: [1800 425 66666]
  • PFOA free : Being completely non-toxic and lightweight, you can enjoy healthy food absolutely worry-free.
  • Extra thick body
  • spiral bottom for even heating
  • Extra thick base to prevent warping
  • Coating type: Non-Stick; No. of layers: 3 layer Greblon coating ; Finish: NA


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11 reviews for Pigeon by Stovekraft Wonder cast Aluminium Flat Tawa (Black, 27cm)

  1. Dugyala Anjali

    We had earlier purchased this same item a few years ago and it gave us very good service. Seeing the quality of the material and the non-stick coating, we decided to purchase another one to replace the old and ageing tawa. The new one we received did not last even 4 months before the non-stick coating started peeling off.

    If the company or dealer wants to blame us the user, regarding mis-handling the tawa, please read the first sentence where I state that we had used an earlier piece of the same model very happily for many years. If the user handling has not changed between the old and the new tawa there can be only one thing else… the quality of the product that could have changed.

    Now we come to the service part… I went to their website and got their Whatsapp number. I sent them a message onm Whatsapp only to get a robot reply. When I persisted it said… Forwarding to agent. The agent was probably a slightly advanced model of the earlier robot which asked me details of the product and directed me to a website for list of service points. When I looked up the service points, the nearest one was 20kms away and the phone is disconnected. The second nearest one is 50kms away. When I tried to contact support on Whatsapp again, the Robot and his Dad woke up and started spewing the same old recorded messages again. Thanks Stovekraft, you have convinced me never to consider your products ever again.

  2. Mahendhar Reddy

    Nice product but use carefully

  3. anukriti singh

    Don’t waste your money on this.

  4. Mahendhar Reddy

    Worth the price

  5. Mathew Joy

    It’s a fantastic tawa and I purchased it in super discount price. It’s sturdy, heavy bottomed and seems durable. However, I thought that the pan is cast iron so there is no flaky coating but the instruction manual says that we shouldn’t shock the surface by exposing it from being hot to cold water to avoid the coating warp! Also, the manual advices against metal utensils to be used on it! This seems a bit confusing…So is it just a regular Teflon like coating over aluminum?

  6. MASvendsen

    This pan cooks items beautifully with a very even heat distribution

  7. Mathew Joy

    This pan has a lot of things going for it:

    1) Aesthetically pleasing. 2) Good quality handle. 3) Thick base. 4) Cast in one piece. 5) Not too big, not too small. 6) Very reasonable price at around 650.

    Unfortunately, it is a design disaster, and the person or team that is behind this should probably be sent for some extra training. It is basic stuff, really. When you have a product in two parts (in this case, the cooking part and the handle) that are horisontally aligned with one part in the air (the handle), the weight distribution has to be so that the product doesn’t tip, i.e. the handle can’t be too heavy. But, in this case, it is. The consequence is that if you place the pan on the cooker, or even on a completely level surface like a granite table, and touch the handle lightly in a downward motion, the pan will tip over.

    The only solution is to cut 5-10 cm off the length of the handle. This should be enough to rebalance the pan.

    It would be understandable if a no-name company was producing this pan, but this is actually a Pigeon product. Very disappointing.

  8. Farzad

    Considering the price factor, this is a good product otherwise I would say an average make product.

    1) Low price factor (I got it for Rs. 577)
    2) Good looks in first glance
    3) Good handle
    4) Spiral grooved bottom

    1) Close examination reveals some minor scratch and not so good quality non stick (might shred away on long use)
    2) Heating is NOT even; Check the image i’ve attached (water boils more in middle in my test. Hawkins futura you can bet of even heating)
    3) Non stick property and quality of non stick, I would give 70% when compared with hawkins futura, for which i would give 99%!

    Personal feel:
    If you are bound with price factor, then this is a good buy. But for a quality conscious buyer who looks for no compromise in quality both in make and non stick coating, go for Hawkins futura which has non anodized aluminum coated with non stick. But on on the other hand, there is almost 50-70% difference in price factor when compared with pigeon. Marking this 3 star since MRP of product is 900Approx which I personally feel not at all worth. I would also love to give 4 star here in my case as I got it for a discount price of 577 which could be a value of no complain!

  9. Leelavathy E

    The pan works completely well, but I feel this is little expensive. We could get better products for less price. The pan works very well by the way.

  10. Farzad

    The dosa not only comes out effortlessly on its own, but the heavy base allows us to cook it till it’s nice and crispy, exactly like the restaurant ones, without being burnt , as happens in some similarly priced brands. And guys this is my second time buying this company’s dosa tawa…last one lasted me for good seven years or more when I used it exclusively for dosas only.

  11. Mohita S.

    Very good product, value for money

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